MLA Door Contact
  • Fast, tool-less installation
  • Vibration-proof in accordance with DIN EN 61373
Power supply C13/C14
  • Power cables can be ordered as an option
Desktop Reader
  • 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz cards
Power supply (12/24 V DC)
  • Power cables can be ordered as an option
  • The power supplies are available in country-specific variations (EU, UK, US)
Door contact
  • Two wire sensor
Battery pack
  • Energizes lock in the event of a power failure
  • Interface for emergency opening procedure
  • Available with EU / US power plug

Often mechatronic latches only provide information about whether the latch is locked or not. They do not indicate whether the door is also closed or open. The new door contact solves this challenge by providing both pieces of information.



The sliding ramp is attached to the frame by a prefabricated adhesive foil. The H dimension is reduced by 6mm.

Item number

Reed sensor/cabling on the frame side
Reed sensor/cabling on the door side
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