E-LINE by DIRAK – a registered Trademark of DIRAK GmbH

Pioneering Products for over 25 years

We develop, produce and distribute mechanical and mechatronic hardware solutions for industrial enclosures that are developed for today’s applications, as well as those yet to come. Our mission is to design products today that become industry standards tomorrow. In order to meet all of our goals, DIRAK employees over 500 people globally owns and operates 6 production and assembly facilities. Additionally we are supported by 32 distributors. With this international network, we are capable of serving various industries and are always available with our knowlegde and expertise.

The Feeling of Security

E-LINE by DIRAK, our brand of mechatronic locking solutions, offers product systems for IT server cabinets, outdoor enclosures, and industrial applications.

Organize and Integrate

We have grown into the leading supplier of mechatronic locking systems in three applications:

  • System and access solutions for data and server racks. Both as standalone applications and networked system architectures, with the corresponding locking hierarchies
  • Locking solutions for outdoor enclosures for publicly accessible locations with special requirements in terms of protection against vandalism and manipulation
  • System solutions for industrial applications which can be installed in existing housings and machines and integrated into machine controls

The securest Solution for every Application

Our experience and expertise in design and production is demonstrated in the variety of parts we manufacture for the diverse market sectors we serve.

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Sheet-metal fabrication
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Food Production
  • Rail Transportation
  • Transportation, Infrastructure, and Tunnel Engineering
  • Data centers, network cabinets and IT
  • Energy distribution and environmental technology
  • Telecommunication

Whatever your Application,
we have your Solution