MLA Door Contact
  • Fast, tool-less installation
  • Vibration-proof in accordance with DIN EN 61373
Power supply C13/C14
  • Power cables can be ordered as an option
Desktop Reader
  • 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz cards
Power supply (12/24 V DC)
  • Power cables can be ordered as an option
  • The power supplies are available in country-specific variations (EU, UK, US)
Door contact
  • Two wire sensor
Battery pack
  • Energizes lock in the event of a power failure
  • Interface for emergency opening procedure
  • Available with EU / US power plug

If a door contact is connected to the reader of the MLR / MLU3000 and MLR / MLU5000 systems, our MLM Administration Suite will show you the current status of the enclosure door and enable the sabotage alarm function.

Item number

MLA Door contact
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