Product Features


Technical Details

  • LED for handle status
  • Temperature status LED
  • Sabotage alarm LED
  • Keypad for two-factor authentication
  • Integrated relay control
  • 125 kHz Reader
  • 13.56 MHz Reader
  • Form C relay output
  • Door contact input
  • TCP / IP Ethernet interface
  • Storage capacity for 2,000 cards and pins per transponder
  • Storage capacity for 500 events and 30 time profiles
  • Integrated real-time clock with buffering for up to 60 minutes at 25 ° C
  • Stand-alone possible
  • Temperature range -20 ° C to +70 ° C
  • Sheet metal thickness from 1.5-2mm plus powder coating
  • Top mounting screws Tq to 1.0 – 1.2Nm
  • Bottom cap screws Tq  to 0.4 Nm
  • 12V power supply ± 10%
  • 40mA standby current (DC)
  • 440mA maximum current (DC)


LED Status

Mechanical Installation


The swinghandle can be connected to a single or 3-point cam. This allows for the use of round rods with this system to create multi-point locking.


The swinghandle drives the gear in the rod latch housing. Flat rods run perpendicular to the door frame where rollers secure behind the frame mounted catch.


The swinghandle drives the gear operating the side-mounted bar system, this is typically used to keep the locking rods outside of the door frame and seal.