National Defense Command Enhances Data Protection

Data Access Control improves workplace efficiency

A classified military command data center situated in the greater Washington, DC area was faced with a growing number of physical restrictions and security gaps. An  expensive remodeling or additional build out of the data center to enhance security was logistically difficult and cost prohibitive. E-LINE by DIRAK provided the Data Center Manager with an innovative solution to increase security, decrease cost, and mitigate risk, all while maintaining the existing physical infrastructure.

The problem

The command was home to a mid-size, established data center with limited raised floor space. Logistics and budget constraints resulted in no realistic option to expand the data center to meet best-practice security protocols.

  • The data center’s standard IT rack, HP G2 series, has a proprietary latch design utilizing a basic key system
  • A mixture of classified and non-classified data center cabinets side by side in a facility with personnel of varying security clearance levels needing access
  • An effort was made to obtain a basic level of security by adding a combination lock on the door to the data center floor. Classified staff had to indicate on a white board when they were working inside, interrupting the work of nonclassified employees
  • Multiple keys were not a solution due to lack of traceability and slower security response

The solution

E-LINE by DIRAK’s MLR Series provided a solution to the security and workflow issues of the data center. The E-LINE by DIRAK system provided the command’s data center with:

  • An electronic access control for front and rear doors of the data center cabinet
  • The ability to individualize access based on job function, clearance level, and specific rack
  • Multiple authentication security protocols (pin code and RFID)
  • DIRAK engineered and manufactured a customized tamperproof mechanical adapter specific to the HP G2 series
  • Door and side panel sensor integration for complete intrusion detection and protection

The results

  • Increased security posture by mitigating risk and increasing emergency response time
  • Software provides a gapless auditable log of all rack activity
  • Workplace efficiency has been improved through a reduction of time spent accompanying non-classified personnel in the data center

“Controlling access to our data center was a significant problem that has been solved thanks to E-LINE by DIRAK. Their security and software professionals were responsive to our needs, creative in meeting our needs, and their product simply works.”

Data Center Manager

MLR: Mechatronic Locks for Racks

The handles of the MLR1000 series have a hardware interface for integration in an existing management system. The handles can be opened as soon as their potential- free contacts are activated or voltage is applied. Following activation, the MLR1000 switches to readiness for opening. During this period, the user can open the MLR1000 by pressing the keys. Extra clarity and information thanks to status LED and back-lit information panel on the handle.