Industrial Health at Machine Level: WEEKE Bohrsysteme GmbH

WEEKE Bohrsysteme GmbH, a member of the HOMAG Group, is a modern machine construction company for wood processing based in Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany. With a global market share of 28 percent and over 5000 employees, the HOMAG Group is the leading system supplier in this sector.

Challenge in industrial health and safety

Using WEEKE solutions, customers from trade and industry manufacture a range of products from home and office furniture, and kitchens, right through to doors and windows. During the planning, design and production of the high-tech machines, WEEKE focuses not only on compactness, efficiency, quality and flexibility, but also on  the maximum in safety for the operating personnel. The working processes with wood processing machines pose particularly high risks to personnel safety during  odification procedures and troubleshooting. It is therefore essential to ensure that the personnel are not exposed to risks before or during their work on open machines as
a result of start-up or run-on times. During research for intelligent access solutions and controlled opening processes on machines, the company entered into cooperation with E-LINE by DIRAK.

Customer advantages

WEEKE has been integrating E-LINE by DIRAK solutions in its wide-belt sanding machines for a number of years now. Thanks to the introduction of the MLI1101 swinghandle, wood processing machines have become safer and can now only be unlocked once no further danger exists for the operating personnel. The swinghandle guarantees safe and controlled access when the power supply is established. If emergency opening is required due to a power failure or with the installation of the machine, mechanical opening is possible with a key. Furthermore, the opened system is now also safeguarded against operator errors because the machine cannot start up with open swinghandles. The swinghandles from the MLI1101 range can be integrated into the respective WEEKE system controls with ease, thanks to the standard cutout hole pattern and the seamless connection.

“Our requirement for the new safety solution should guarantee locking, as well as current-free emergency unlocking“ 

Martin Austermeier, Team leader for mechanical development, WEEKE Bohrsysteme GmbH

„All of our wood processing machines comply with the motto: Safety first! The safety of customers and operating personnel comes first for us

Ulrich Hartner, product manager and head of sales for sanding technology, WEEKE Bohrsysteme GmbH


To be able to open the swinghandle, either voltage is applied or the cylinder barrel is opened by key. The power supply is implemented directly via the machine control. A blue LED on the swinghandle signalizes the readiness for opening.

With the E-LINE by DIRAK solution, WEEKE offers its customers an increased level of protection in industrial health and safety at machine level.

„Our wide-belt sanding machines now have safe and controlled door locking, thanks to a professional E-LINE by DIRAK solution, and can be coupled with our internal safety control with ease.”

Ulrich Hartner, product manager and head of sales for sanding technology, WEEKE Bohrsysteme GmbH