E-LINE by DIRAK featured in Mr. Robot

DISCLAIMER: I hereby declare that I do not own the rights to this video. 

Our MLR5000 access control solution was featured on Season 3, Episode 5, Runtime Err0r, of Mr. Robot on USA Network. In this episode, Angela Moss uses a stolen access card to gain entry to the data center rack in E Corp headquarters to create a backup of their Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). This episode demonstrates that credential theft and insider threats are very real and credible threats in today’s world – made easier with technology. 

In this instance, the MLR5000 solution was able to be defeated because single factor authentication was not a sufficient enough security measure. E Corp would have been more successful in preventing this breach to their Hardware Security Modules using a two-factor authentication solution, the MLR5000KP, which requires both an access card and a pin. With our two-factor solution, it is also simple to implement the four eyes principle or two-man rule. If your data center requires a higher level of security, the system can be organized so that authorization is not approved unless two people with two unique cards and two unique pins use their credentials at the handle.