LEAF Identity Lunch at GSX

E-LINE by DIRAK participated at this year’s Global Security Exchange (GSX), held at Chicago’s McCormick Place. The event offered six days filled with education and networking for the global security community. GSX 2019 was attended by over 20,000 registrants and 550 exhibitors from more than 125 countries. ASIS International’s President, Christina Duffey said, “GSX serves as a powerful forum for convening security leaders across the globe to learn, share information, and network.” This year’s event emphasized that the evolving world requires security practitioners to plan ahead and continuously update their thinking. GSX 2019 delivered informative sessions run by the top industry leaders, new and ground-breaking technology around the convention floor, pertinent panel discussions to help navigate the world of security, and most importantly networking amongst global security leaders and influencers.

During the conference, E-LINE by DIRAK sponsored the LEAF Identity Lunch with WaveLynx Technologies Corporation, Allegion, Brivo, Iris ID Systems Inc., and RFIDeas at the VU Rooftop Bar. Each sponsor is a member of the LEAF ecosystem who are intent on bringing interoperability to the access control and identity credentials market and beyond. The LEAF standards are a set of specifications and reference designs for access control and identity credentials that facilitate interoperable, secure, and open choice by security managers and solution architects. Each partner in the LEAF ecosystem believes that in a perfect world, your smart card should seamlessly and securely read on your door access readers, locks, and logical access readers regardless of manufacturer. Each member of this consortium is providing the tools and standards that make such concepts reality. The driving force behind this development is the critical mass of users who seek highly secure, interoperable solutions, who are no longer tolerant of proprietary products.

Our global product manager, Zachary Klares, spoke about the integration with our E-LINE by DIRAK MLR solutions and the LEAF access cards. He discussed how easy it was for our products to become fully compatible with the LEAF credentials and that the integration further enhanced our already highly secure data center access control solutions. Additionally, he encouraged other vendors to join in the partnership for the success and growth of LEAF. Together, these technologies enable users to create an interoperable environment and maintain ownership of their encryption keys.

KEY Facts About Data Center Security and Compliance


How easy is it to gain access to a data center cabinet? One “key” fact will give you pause if data center security and compliance are important to your organization.

Possession of the data center cabinet override keys from three major manufacturers, not difficult to obtain by anyone that does business with those companies, can open an estimated 70% of the data center cabinets in the US. That’s one of the interesting facts shared with us by Aldon Blackwood, former product manager for E-Line by DIRAK, a manufacturer of smart handles for data center cabinets.

Aldon speaks with end users about data center security on a daily basis, and has a unique perspective on the security and compliance needs of enterprise, corporate and government clients. He shares his thoughts and experiences on various forms of multiple factor security, with a specific focus on the ability to create an audit trail reporting on who actually gains access to servers and other IT infrastructure at the data center cabinet level.

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E-LINE by DIRAK featured in Mr. Robot

DISCLAIMER: I hereby declare that I do not own the rights to this video. 

Our MLR5000 access control solution was featured on Season 3, Episode 5, Runtime Err0r, of Mr. Robot on USA Network. In this episode, Angela Moss uses a stolen access card to gain entry to the data center rack in E Corp headquarters to create a backup of their Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). This episode demonstrates that credential theft and insider threats are very real and credible threats in today’s world – made easier with technology. 

In this instance, the MLR5000 solution was able to be defeated because single factor authentication was not a sufficient enough security measure. E Corp would have been more successful in preventing this breach to their Hardware Security Modules using a two-factor authentication solution, the MLR5000KP, which requires both an access card and a pin. With our two-factor solution, it is also simple to implement the four eyes principle or two-man rule. If your data center requires a higher level of security, the system can be organized so that authorization is not approved unless two people with two unique cards and two unique pins use their credentials at the handle.

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Replacing the Server Closet Podcast

How do you solve the infrastructure needs of the remote office or satellite location? 
As IT users demand fast, flawless interaction with their applications, edge computing has been a sensible answer. Smaller data center installations at the edge, closer to end users, are especially important for customer-facing applications such as content delivery and rich media.
Vertiv (formerly Emerson Network Power) has introduced a turnkey solution for the edge with their SmartCabinet™ for Branches. In this podcast, Lisa East, senior product manager, answers questions about the development of this turn-key solution for the growing needs of the edge.
The conversation covers the need for redundancy, the ability to service and maintain the infrastructure, and the criticality of security and compliance in these environments. Lisa shares details on Vertiv’s selection of the access control technology components of the product engineered by E-LINE BY DIRAK, which enables security options, monitoring, and an audit trail that previously didn’t exist in these branch or edge environments.

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The Innermost Ring Podcast

When it comes to the physical security of a data center, the last line of defense is the cabinet. Yet frequently, the security of that cabinet is an afterthought.

Many large data centers are defended with significant security, but once inside some, the security seems to lessen the closer you get to the actual IT infrastructure. Though it is tough to gain admittance to the data center, once someone with nefarious intent is inside, with a reason to be there and a good story, it can be relatively easy to access the data center floor.

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