MLR 2000 and MLR 2000KP taken to the next level

To be state of the art and offer future-oriented solutions, we are constantly developing our products. Because of this, the MLR 2000 and MLR 2000KP mechatronic handles are being replaced by the MLR 2500 and MLR 2500KP. The two enhanced successors offer new functions. Most importantly, the control box was removed, we also added a hybrid antenna and emergency opening cards. You can also access the handle via secure password over the usb connection.

To ease the transition, we will still accept orders for the MLR 2000 and MLR 2000KP until December 31, 2021. After that the handles will no longer be available.

The MLU1003 – for more Security and Durability

What sets our MLU1003 apart from other rotary latch locks? That’s what our Sales Manager Murat Othan explains in this short video. Take a look!

The MLU1003 electronic rotary latch lock provides a high level of security by indicating not only the locking status but also the door status. High-quality materials ensure high load capacity, durability and more.

Universal talent

  • Informative: Indicates both door status and lock status when unlocking and locking
  • Practical: The rotary latch allows electronic unlocking and easy re-locking by simply closing the door.
  • Robust: The MLU1003 is protected against corrosion thanks to the materials stainless steel AISI 304, ABS and PC.
  • Efficient: Low power consumption and higher load capacity due to geared motor
  • Always ready: The MLU1003 can be unlocked manually at any time with a optional cable thanks to the mechanical emergency release, even during power failures.
  • Strong: Up to max. 350kg holding force for heavy loads
  • IP65 in accordance with DIN EN 60529

Do you have questions about the product, its material composition or availability? Complete technical information as well as our ordering options can be found here.

Convenient, suitable for universal applications

The MLU1003 is versatile and suitable for numerous applications in indoor and outdoor areas: for switch cabinets, wall-mounted enclosures, medical cabinets, lockers, parcel boxes, vending machines, showcases, agricultural equipment, construction vehicles, mobile homes, trucks, ships or trains.

Does your application have special requirements? Our experts will find the right solution. We are looking forward to talking with you.

New Features Added to MLR2500 and MLR2500 KP

We believe in offering the best products in critical infrastructure access control. In order to do that, we are constantly working to develop new products and improve on ones already available to the market. We are proud to announce two major new features for the MLR2500 and MLR2500KP:

• Emergency Override Card: Because mechanical keys are untraceable, we are able to provide emergency access via a secure card enrollment. In the event of an emergency, pre-programmed cards can open the handle and transmit the data to the 3rd party Physical Access Control System (PACS) for capture and authentication.

• Secure Programming and Remote Open: In the event that changes need to be made to the handle’s setting, or you just need remote access to the handle, a secure password can be stored in the handle for access via the micro-USB port on the base of the handle.

And, of course, the MLR2500 and MLR2500KP still offer all previous features, including:

• Multi-Frequency Antenna: The built-in hybrid antenna (125kHz and 13.56MHz) supports common HID proximity credentials, Mifare Desfire, PIV and LEAF credentials. HID iClass and custom encryption is available upon request.

• No Key Override: We don’t believe in a key override for locks in the data center. As an alternative you can program a master card which can be used to unlock the handle in an emergency and the handle will still transmit any card data to the 3rd party system for monitoring questionable access.

• Wiegand Communication: Our MLR2500 and MLR2500KP uses the industry standard data0/data1 Wiegand protocol for communicating credential and pin numbers, allowing it to be easily integrated into your existing PACS.

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